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ProtectGard Window Films, based in Miami, FL meets the diverse ever-changing demands of the global market by providing the best quality Window Films at efficient prices. Our products are manufactured in the USA under strict technical direction with the most innovative technology to achieve our goals of total customer satisfaction.

ProtectGard Window Films delivers a wide selection of superior quality Window Films for Automotive, Residential, Commercial, Safety, Privacy and Decorative applications. Our products are designed and manufactured at the World’s leading state of the art facilities to ensure the highest quality standards for the protection of our people and our planet.

Our films are sold and distributed globally and we have strategic partnerships with the world’s leading logistic companies. ProtectGard Window Films provide a factory direct distribution. Customer convenience is our highest priority; we deliver 1 – 2 business days within the United States and Canada at heavily discounted freight prices. We deliver to the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and across the world within 3 – 5 business days. To achieve our goals, we function to have the aim of total customer support and skillful execution to ensure exceptional quality of our products to give excellent value to our customers.



ProtectGard Window Films is committed to provide excellent customer service and total satisfaction in every customer transaction. We are dedicated to meeting your needs and committed to provide you excellent quality products manufactured with the latest technology. Our success is determined by your satisfaction with our products and services. Therefore, we strive to develop new products that meet all of your requirements and exceed your expectations.



ProtectGard Solar Control Films ensure high quality films for solar and safety protection, a cooler performance and an enriched exquisite look. We offer a wide range of film in various color shades with light transmission in the range of 5% to 80% to meet your exact specifications. All of our products have an advanced protection hard coating which is scratch resistant. Due to the adhesive element in our coating, it also prevents against shattered glass in case of vandalism or an accident to increase your safety.

Our commitment to quality is proven with our product warranties against cracking, peeling, bubbling and dematalizing. ProtectGard Window Films reduce the risk of injury, glare and strain on eyes and interior fading. Also, they reject harmful Ultraviolet rays and solar heat, while adding class to your glass and improving air conditioning efficiency. Our product performance is geared to improve the efficiency of your processes with providing you with superior quality products at low costs and increasing your safety and comfort.

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